The First Milestone – 1000 Hits

This morning – just a moment ago, in fact – Leila and I had a small celebration.  Putting down our books and raising our cups that sloshed with the bottom half of our second cups of coffee for the morning, we toasted 1000 hits on the CairnBlog.

Thanks to all who have taken a look.  Thanks and cheers to those who have come back for a second or third look.  And my deepest gratitude to those who have chosen to follow my odd written wanderings regularly – although, I must confess, I look on you all with just a bit of amazement and curiosity.  As the author of such plentiful and frequent incoherence, I wonder who in the world read such meaninglessness.  It is rare that I write 500 words and think, “Now that is worth the time it will take to read.”  Nonetheless, I keep trying.

Marianne Moore says it best and she is right: One can perhaps please one’s self and earn that slender right to persevere. It is a rare and elusive feeling, but worth the travail.  For me, the bottom line remains, it is a joy to write something that others find pleasing, and it is in that thin hope that I continue to attempt the nearly impossible.

And so, our toast – Let these first thousand page views not be the last thousand.  Thanks to all.  It is an honor and a pleasure.

Now, back to it.

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