Godin on the Origins of Public Education

Let me confess it at once: I have a distinct bias against reposters.  It has been my habit to offer some original essay or commentary on issues of importance, so I beg your pardon with this.

But this is important.  It is a brief Seth Godin clip on education and its origins, popularly available on YouTube, so I know I am not giving you anything you didn’t already have.  Nonetheless, think about this.  It is important.  I know there is infinitely more out there on the same topic and better – so I welcome your links and directions to other clips and insights.  Even better send book titles, authors, and other resources.

We have got to uncover the truth about education and why we do it the way we do it.  In the meantime, enjoy.

1 thought on “Godin on the Origins of Public Education

  1. robin wolthausen

    Nice one Peter…I am glad you re-posted despite your bias. I appreciate this because I tend towards conspiracy theories…and this is not one. School as the training to be obedient industrial consumerists. Scary but true


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